DesignModo Coupon Code Black Friday All Items Up To 40% OFF!

  • DesignModo Coupon Code Black Friday All Items Up To 40% OFF!
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    DesignModo Coupon Code Black Friday All Items Up To 40% OFF! - End November 2013 Updated

    DesignModo Coupon Code Black Friday All Items Up To 40% OFF!

    Main Description

    DesignModo Coupon Code Black Friday

    Black Friday deals are here! Now though Monday, all Designmodo prices are reduced 25% to 40%! Black Friday comes only once a year and we have the best quality web products at the lowest prices. Hurry now and to get the best deals on ALL our products at incredibly low prices.

    DesignModo Overview

    Designmodo is a great resource of informative material for designers and web developers. We are makers of highly-rated User Interface Packs, you can get acquainted with Designmodo shop here, and you can download a couple of other ui packs for free.

    There are several categories you could browse through, depending on your interests like Web Design and Web Development, Tips and Tutorials, WordPress, Inspiration and such.

    If you are not into going through all our articles and you are interested in a certain thing, you can just use our search box.

    The Bricks – Bundle Pack Addons 

    The Bricks is a set of user interface components and elements (PSD) united by four add-ons Forms, Elements, E-commerce and Words. Beautiful and clear elements can be easily combined using groupings of similar style elements. The pack contains hundreds of web elements which can be used in a variety of projects.

    How does it work? Start with the desired component and use The Bricks to change its appearance, color and text. Use the resulting component in your design. Based on a 12-grid system, the components fit together like puzzle pieces.

    The pack also includes 150 of vector icons; all of which are based on a 16-pixel grid. The Bricks – Take a break from the routine and work on new ideas. Fonts used in this pack: Helvetica Rounded, Proxima Nova, Gotham, Open Sans, and Myriad Pro.

    Flat UI Pro

    • A Lot of Components: All the elements that are contained in Bootstrap, plus a few more.
    • Bootstrap 3 Based: HTML layout based on Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a trusted, reliable and proven tool for developers.
    • Responsive Layout: Expand your audience. Create a website with full mobile device support.
    • Save Time: Generate new ideas; design new projects. Spend your time creating, not building basic parts.
    • Retina Ready: Each element is made with vector-based shapes, so they work at any size. You can even print a billboard.
    • Color Swatches: It’s easy to change the appearance of elements and switch colors using embedded color swatches.
    • Perfect Matching: Components are made using the same styles and match each other wonderfully.
    • Grid-Based Design: Designed with alignment on 940/12 column grid. Sharp icons and glyphs include pixel-alignment.
    • Extremely Light & Fast: Light and clean code installs with ease and is only few kilobytes.
    • Free Font: No expensive fonts here. Let’s use open-source fonts.

    Square UI

    Square UI is our latest PSD User Interface Pack including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS/Android Apps.



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