GreenGeeks Coupon Code November 2014 – 20% OFF

  • GreenGeeks Coupon Code November 2014 - 20% OFF
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    GreenGeeks Coupon Code November 2014 get 20% OFF or $30 Discount for any plan.

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    GreenGeeks Coupon Code November 2014

    In this coupon you can get GreenGeeks Coupon Code  20% OFF or $30 Discount for any plan. The details of GreenGeeks coupon codes:

    • GreenGeeks Coupon $30 OFF – Coupon Code: TODAYOFFER
    • GreenGeeks Coupon 20% OFF – Coupon Code: TAKE20OFF

    GreenGeeks Introdution

    GreenGeeksThe GreenGeeks management team has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable web site hosting. Your account will utilize only the best of breed server hardware, the most dependable network providers and the most up to date software programs available anywhere on the internet. In addition your GreenGeeks account will have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we replace, with wind power credits, 3 times the amount of energy your web site will use.

    • Eco friendly green energy hosting
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Highest quality servers and bandwidth
    • Dynamic account administration tools
    • Complete video tutorials and FAQ’s
    • 24x7x365 quality support
    • Web site design services

    With their service you can choose from shared, VPS, or reseller plans.  GreenGeeks provides 300% green energy web hosting which means this hosting company advocates the preservation of our environment.  At this time I actually do have a shared plan with them which I have been using for 2 years.  I haven’t ever had one single issue with my server and love it!

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    GreenGeeks Review

    GreenGeeks is a shared web hosting site that is the world’s largest and most comprehensive eco-friendly web hosting company. The company started in 2006 as a green alternative to web hosting since there really were not any previously. Originally, GreenGeeks offered shared hosting that was geared toward small and medium sized businesses. Since then, they have begun offering VPS hosting, reseller, and dedicated servers for larger accounts.

    GreenGeeks Coupon Code

    All of GreenGeeks hosting is supported through Linux, they don’t use any sort of Windows platforms. All shared web hosting plans are sold at the same price. They offer unlimited bandwidth, space, and support unlimited domains. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and GreenGeeks reviews suggest that they uphold their uptime guarantee with no problems. They have a 99.9% service level agreement in their terms of service but don’t offer any sort of money back guarantee if the guarantee is breached.

    Data servers are located in Chicago, where they are monitored 24/7. All servers are backed up on a nightly basis. Supermicro rack-mountable data servers are used with the most power efficient Intel quad-core processors available. What kind of protection is in place if servers were to fail is not mentioned on the site, however, it is mentioned that the backup servers are kept at a different place than data servers in the event that something were to happen with the entire data center.

    GreenGeeks reviews suggest that their support team is competent and available 24/7 to answer questions, provide help, and fix problems. Not only do they know their stuff, but they are nice as well. All support staff is employed directly by GreenGeeks, something that isn’t common in a web hosting site. They also have technicians and support staff all over the country so that you can get real help no matter where you’re located.

    GreenGeeks coupons are offered upon sign up, however, the most notable compensation for the site is that it is green and purchases 300% green energy credits to offset any emissions from their web hosting three times over. The site also makes charitable contributions to places such as The World Vision Organization that provides clean drinking water for the people of Africa. Free marketing credits are offered to every new account, a free domain name is also offered to anyone for the duration of their GreenGeeks account. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered to anyone that is unhappy with services. This doesn’t include the price of registering a domain name.

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